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:icontakratashiro: More from TakraTashiro


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March 24, 2013
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Mr. Groundskeeper by TakraTashiro Mr. Groundskeeper by TakraTashiro
Here is more of a profile picture of him, his scythe Cynthia and what is attire is. Now for a deeper look at his background.

Name: He is known as a Groundskeeper. No one knows his true name.
Occupation: Groundskeeper. They are the elite bad asses who make sure that no bodies leave the graveyard unless it is deemed by the state.
Country he is from: Ollsk. A country that is run by a government of Necromancers and by law, if you die within the country's borders, your body becomes property of the state. From that point, your body will be risen to serve as a servant, part of a work force, or military. However, if the body was that of a relative or your beloved, you can purchase the body back and give them a proper burial. Also the population ratio is about 2 undead for every 1 living person.
Mr. G is a very well paid man because of his line of work, and lets face it, anyone whose employer is the government itself gets good pay. He's been able to take nice lengthy vacations because of it too. Nobles would also pay him extra to find the bodies of relatives or their beloved if their body was missing after buying it back but was stolen before the burial. With a country full of necromancers, they would try to steal bodies of the deceased or even just body parts. Mr. G would make sure that wouldn't happen and by the power bestowed by the government killed them. So to get caught meant becoming property of the state. He was also paid extra to hunt down people who did somehow succeed. That would also mean killing any undead as well. Sometimes discretion worked better and sometimes brute force worked better. When it came to the Groundskeepers and you knew they were after you, you were considered dead. Now that the plague that swept the continent has seemed to fade away after 15 long years, he has decided to take a long earned vacation. However a Nobel man came to Mr. G asking for him to find his deceased wife's body that was taken out of the country. With the amount that was being offered, he took the job. The search has now taken him to the capital of Tardel and his adventure with a group trying to hunt down an entity that wants to destroy the world begins.
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